How do I get Android native web notifications?

Hi, I’m awfully sorry if this is a noob question.
I’m running a forum (, self hosted on AWS, and am trying to get notifications on android.

I’ve understood from this post that I can only expect notifications to work when running directly on chrome and not using the discourse hub app, but I don’t think I managed to get them working there either.

  • I’ve enabled notifications in my user’s settings
  • I’ve made sure notifications are enabled for my website’s URL in Chrome
  • I’ve also made sure that push notifications are enabled in the admin menu

Yet still, the only thing that changes when someone sends a new post, or even when they tag in a new post, is that I see a small number on the top-right corner near my icon. No notification pops up.
Is this the expected behavior? Or did I miss something.

What I do get are notifications when I use chrome on my desktop PC.
It would be great if such notifications would also pop up on androind while chrome is open, and even better, to have them pop up even when chrome is in the background.

The forum’s users are currently using a Whatsapp group to discuss and not the forum, exactly because they don’t get notifications when someone added a post, and that’s a shame because Discourse offers sooooo many advantages over a simple Whatsapp group!

Thanks a bunch!


All you need for notifications on Android is to accept the browser level permission, and enable it on your profile.

If you go to your profile, disable and re-enable notifications now, do you get a test one like this?

Android push notifications are sent even when the browser app is closed.


Thanks for the tip @Falco, Indeed disabling and enabling notifications did the trick.

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