How do I make sure search results show most recent posts by default?

Search feature, how do I default it to most recent posts first as opposed to oldest? Logically, this seems like this should be the default! Who wants posts from 3 years ago showing up in the top spot of the forum search results?

We have to get these posts from 3 years ago out of our search results. The content is no longer relevant and defeats the purpose of the search. The only relevant results in our forum are the most current posts.

What is the solution here?


this post may help

also, this is why the default is relevance and not recent date:

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Me! I don’t want to find all the support questions here at meta first. Many times the much older documentation topic is a better source for information. If I want to search for something quite new I can choose a different order.

You already joined the feature topic. If you don’t want to wait untill someone works on that, you could hire someone at marketplace to implement this.