How do I review more than 50 maximum entries when replacing text for "Member"

There are more than 50 results. Please refine your search.

I’m replacing terms like “member” and “membership” and “staff members” within Discourse. I’m limited to only retrieving 50 entries maximum. How do I see more, or filter to those that are still at their default setting?

If I search, it continues to display the same first entries I’ve already modified. Thanks!

There was a recent bug where the users page only showed 50 users, have you updated lately?


Hi, in this case I’m not referring to a user limit. When I browse to Admin/Customize/Text and attempt to search for Members I’m only able to view a maximum of 50 items to edit before I scroll to There are more than 50 results. Please refine your search.

This is on test-passes release 2.5.0.beta2.

Whoops, sorry. :man_facepalming:

No, you will need to use different queries that are more targeted.

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Thank you for the feedback! Hmm, my goal is to replace the terms (member, members, membership, staff members) entirely, as described here. In my organization “member” has a specific meaning, which should not be confused with casual users of the forum, or someone applying to join a group. This is why I hope to replace the term on our Discourse in general.