How do I see pictures in raw?

How do you see image links or pictures when looking at RAW?

Looks like that isn’t supported for discourse, if you upload from that format it would automatically be changed to other format.

Topic here:

Generally you wouldn’t be able to see any difference in that format, but if you want to maintain that for someone else to be able to use that to edit you can post a link to file with drive.

Do you mean RAW-format output from cameras, or do you mean when looking at the “uncooked” markdown source for posts?


Like when you do the link like:

That view is not intended for showing pictures. The “raw” refers to the Markdown. It shows the source Markdown which will never contain the rendered images.


You cannot view them directly from the /raw page, but the picture markdown code can be copied. They look like this:


Then copy them to the composer.
You should then get the image.

But, idk why you would do that tbh