Support for ProRAW images

I’m seeing an increase of users uploading ProRAW images to my site (lots of people buying the new iPhones lately). Unfortunately, those images are pumped out as mediocre JPEGs that don’t take advantage of ProRAW. Has Discourse considered adding support for ProRAW images?

Is there a way to have these display inline for the post? (assuming this isn’t supported right now?)


Those end up as .dng right? We are in early talks about using libvips for image manipulation which has native support for doing conversions and thumbnails on that, so it may help here if we end up using it.


ProRAW support would definitely be nice. :slight_smile:

For those curious, Instagram now has support for ProRAW images. Instagram might be worth using as an example.

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I am not seeing what needs doing here, this photo was shot in ProRAW and is automatically converted to jpg by my iPhone when uploading.

The only way to add anything fancy here would be to have something super fancy in the app, but then you would have to download the app (and we try to avoid putting this kind of stuff into our app).

I think the only thing to do here is wait on Apple to support more APIs and so on for the web.

Besides, if you are shooting raw, you would process in lightroom or darkroom or something and upload that.


What about this @sam?

I am not following, can you enable raw on your iPhone

  1. Take a shot in raw, upload it here
  2. Take the same shot without raw, upload it here

Explain what the problem is?

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It converts to a regular JPG and the benefits of ProRAW are gone. Again, they are supposed to end up in the .dng format. Libvip for image manipulation is something that I would like to see.



RAW via halide

ProRAW is great, it includes image processing instructions, so when I uploaded it you can see that image looks way less washed out than it would on pure Raw with zero processing.

That said, Raw can be just fine ™ … you shoot Raw cause your intent is to process your image, you may want to push it a few stops down and recover detail, you may have some more radical plans for it.

Halide Raw, processed in lightroom.

This feature request to me sounds like:

Can you add magic to Discourse so somehow you magic it and make pictures look better using magic.

I can not support that.

No evidence is showing there is any sort of problem here and even if we could upload ProRAW.

  1. Why would forum operators want people uploading 25MB images vs 5MB?
  2. What purpose would Raw provide, are we expected to ship tooling (like for example rebuild lightroom, so people can process the Raw files properly)

I am not seeing what needs doing here.

Sorry I am closing ProRAW is supported just fine.