How do I set administrator account on Openshift?


I just installed discourse on a open shift project so I didn’t use a terminal but set environnement variable through an interface. The application is working but I don’t know how to connect as an admin. I created an account but it is not admin.

Did I missed an environnement variable to set the email of the admin ?

thank you

Well, that’s not a supported install but you might try setting


to a comma-separated set of emails for your admin(s).

Thank you for your answer, what do you mean by "it s not a supported install ? ", I used the binami docker GitHub - bitnami/bitnami-docker-discourse: Bitnami Docker Image for Discourse so I guess it’s supported no ?


The bitnami image is a third party package that we don’t maintain nor support. You can ask for support for this package on bitnami channels.