How do I validate my DNS settings for email?


I have encountered a small problem.
Email delivery to any other email adress than my own still doesnt work, even tough I have done the DNS changes and waited ~2 days. I cant figure out what I have done wrong, and wonder if maybe some of the existing values in my DNS panel are wrong. The A record works.

Is there anything obvious wrong in my DNS panel?
(removed pic for security reasons)

Problems with outgoing emails usually aren’t caused by DNS issues. Which mail provider do you use for outgoing mails? Can you post a screenshot of the SMTP configuration in your template (remember to remove sensitive data)? Does anything interesting show up in /logs when you try to send a test mail to another address?

I have checked with mailgun, my domain is still not verified.
Either my DNS records were not created/saved properly, or my DNS host (onlydomains) is not publishing the records.
I have created a ticket with my DNS host, to figure out whats wrong. Will report back :slightly_smiling:

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You will need to follow up with your mail provider, they usually have a dashboard that will query your DNS and tell you what to do and how to troubleshoot.

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I had to enter @ instead of, and just pic._domainkey because i already was inside the zone file for the domain name.

The DKIM value I was sent when my 99 dollar discourse installation was complete (and i was told to use) did not match the one i was supposed to use on mailgun. How did this happen? Did it change?