How do to view rails errors?

I am writing a custom plugin to do redirects for my old vbulletin+vbseo forum urls. The import script doesn’t handle the url formats created by vbseo.
I have a docker+discourse setup.
I have created blank plugin with just the meta data stuff (name, about, version author), and used sv restart unicorn to get the plugin loaded; it shows up in the admin panel. Beyond that I am having trouble doing more. When I try to add a route, nginx/discourse would return 502 Gateway.
Where can I view errors related to my plugin? or learn more about adding routes in discourse (I assumed it is like adding routes to a rail app)?

I found the rails log location. Inside container /shared/log, outside container /var/discourse/shared/standalone/log

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You can also visit /logs on your forum to view the rails log in a web interface

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Are you aware that there are permalink that you can set to do this and that the vbulletin.rb importer will create them?

I’ve seen that section of code in the importer and I don’t think it’ll handle vbseo links like:

Oh. I’m a bit behind on getting PMs submitted.

I modified the importer so that it creates permalinks like /showthread/12345. You can then use permalink_normalizations to re-write /forum/sub-forum/12345-the-thread-title into /showthread/12345, which then does the Right Thing.

Looks like I need to clean up the code a bit before I can submit it.

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thought of this thread when i saw this:

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