Tag section and All Tags link not visible on the sidebar unless a default tag is set

This is something between very minor UI issue or a small bug, and defenetly nothing that should fix fast.

On my forum I didn’t have tag-block on the sidebar. If I added one or more tag from sidebar settings of my profile it came visible. If I deleted tags the block disappered.

I’m using heavily tags and because of the Hub I can’t manually edit urls, so easy access to tag page is important to me.

I cleaned CSS edits, tried safe mode and rebuilded — no luck. If I didn’t add at least one tag at settings of my own the block was not visible.

Last thing I did was the one I should do very first: admin settings of the sidebar. When I added at least one tag as default, the tag block did Grand Return™. When I deleted that default one from my own settings, the block was still visible.

I count that behaviour as a bug, or at least an UI-issue, because it is not consistent with categories. But it is really minor one, because I reckon most of admins shall use default tags (and the big majority of users… just don’t care because they use searching instead).


Same issue. I’d love to see an option to display top tags in the sidebar. Because adding tags manually doesn’t make sense for most communities.

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Well, only quite few of my users would see sidebar because mobile users are opening it not too often. But top tags should be defined. Majority of tag clouds are showing the most used with content and that is totally different thing than the most searched/clicked per individual or all users.

If top tags are from content it servers only needs or belief of site/admin. And then such top listing is quite close to useless for users.

There is another questionmark too. If the structure relies strongly on tags then top-list starts quite fast acting more like top categories. And is such situation overused tags in top-list starts to be as useful than the search would show hits for dog on dog-related forum.

I would still like to give decision to users and an admin would just handpick few ones as defaults.

I think we missed one small part of the logic we intended here. For admins, if there are any tags on the site and no default tags are configured for the sidebar, we want to show the section with the prompt to “Configure default tags” even when their personal tags section is empty.

We will add it to our list to fix that up.


Thank you for reporting it :slight_smile: It should be fixed with this PR :point_down: