How does auto-close topics work?

When I made this post:

It was automatically locked for no reason, the channel does not auto lock topics usually & the user broke none of the rules, they never changed categories either.

Can someone tell me the story behind this please?

It says in the screenshot:

automatically closed 1 minute after the last reply


You would need to contact the admins of that site.

If you click on the profile pic next to the lock, you will see who closed the topic.

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The system closed the post, I am an admin of the site.

It was closed ‘one minute after the last reply’, which sounds like a topic timer? Is there anything special about the category they posted in?

I was thinking maybe a mistyped timer in the category settings tab. Something like this:

Or maybe just one on that topic?


It’s not on and it was never put on, it hasn’t had any timers, it never had any effects on it either.

All I can suggest is checking the /logs

I don’t know of another way that message appears? I think it’s specifically an Auto-Close one that’s based on last reply. It seems that the topic had a timer put on it somehow, and by the system rather than by a mod or admin.

If you have access to the data explorer you could check the topic_timers table for clues, but I don’t know how much that will give away? If there’s no record of one for that topic that might help rule it out at least.

FROM topic_timers 
ORDER BY created_at DESC

Has it happened to any other topics?

@JammyDodger, he just needs to go check the /admin/logs/

I didn’t think system timer closed topic appeared in the admin logs? I’ll have another play.

The last ‘topic closed’ admin log on my test site is from 4 days ago. The two I’ve just been playing with with the Timers do not show up there. I will investigate further. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve just run it again, and if I set an Auto-Close timer for 1 minute after the last reply, the topic closes but no admin log is created. :man_shrugging: The only related thing in there is the record of the category settings change to add the timer (when I add one through the topic wrench, it leaves no record).

By the look of it, the only place to find a record of a topic timer (other than the close message itself) is through using the Data Explorer and checking the topic_timers table.


It doesn’t show on the logs.

I had another case of this happening:


No topic timer or anything.

Is there an auto detection?

Nobody initiated the closure, the system automatically closed, does it detect when people would like the post to close it, then it auto closes?