How I can add a custom header

I tried to add a image to my header because had multiple color, also I tried to add by CSS but doesn’t not work, my brand colours are:
background-color: #007080;
background-image: linear-gradient(to right, #3b00b1, #007080 25%, #c50043 50%, orange 75%, #fa5d57);

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Can you describe your issue more precisely?
What code did you add, and where in Discourse’s interface ? :slight_smile:

Are you using Brand Header?

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I already resolved thanks

What did you do then?

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I use CSS starting with header and then my colours code

i use CSS to manipulate the header colors and logo images for my forum’s different categories and sub-categories. one of these days i’ll make it into a theme component, along with my category background image switcher. have a look if you like (link in profile). for example, team categories have team logos and team header colors and background images (i run a sports themed forum).

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