How do I change text color in my Header?

I tried to change my color theme in light but I may be doing something wrong.

Do I have to go to the components?

I want to know how I can checnge my text color in the header, since I changed my background image.

I believe the header primary color only applies to the native header of Discourse, not the areas you show in your first screenshot, which are custom.

You probably need to customize this with CSS.

You can go there and learn some useful stuff about it. It will greatly help you next time you need such customization:

And be aware of this:


@Canapin Thank you, I appreciate your response. It will take some CSS, I think my issue here was understanding what variable to target.

And what CSS to go under, but I solved this by heading to the header component common css. Thank you, and understood.


I’ll glad you figured it out!

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