How is the Business of Discourse Doing...? 🤔

Just curious about how the business of discourse is doing and what the plans at a super-high level are for world domination (or something equally as cool).

Not looking for revenue figures, but, I was just curious about the state of the union, sotospeak, and organizational-type things outside of big 2.0 release(s)


We’re GROWING and it’s exciting…


LOL. I assumed as much… ! Anything else you can share…? :pray:

Why is the new release going to be named 2.0 instead of 1.10?


Because 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 … 20 :wink:

Growth should be more clear once the team page is available on, I believe @awesomerobot has a goal of finalizing it by the end of the week, if we can!


This interview @codinghorror gave in May gives some idea.

At our two year anniversary on February 5th 2015, we scaled up our hosting such that we were able to add the $100/month standard hosting plan. By this point we were up to $40,000/month in hosting revenue. As I saw it, we had two jobs:

We were finally able to obtain the domain (at considerable expense) on February 5th 2016, and by then we were up to $80,000/month in hosting revenue and our team had grown to nine people, including our first full-time sysadmin. We colocate all our server hardware to offer the best price/performance, and we made big investments in new servers to support our growth.

As of today we’re at around $125,000/month in hosting revenue, and we are about to close our first very large client that will nearly grow our income by 25% alone. I expect we’ll easily make it to $160,000/month before 2018.

The article is a good read as a whole.


That was last updated in May when there were 3 co-founders and 8 employees.
I came on in July as employee #14 and we’re now at 20.