Introducing Discourse 1.0

(Jeff Atwood) #1

Today we are incrementing the version number of Discourse to 1.0.

We’ve been working on Discourse in public for about a year and a half now – since February 2013. Turns out that’s about how long it takes to herd an open source project from “hey, cool toy” to something that works for most online discussion communities.

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Need a roadmap for post-1.0 development
(Dave McClure) #2

Congratulations to the whole team and everyone here who helped along the way!

(Aizan Fahri) #3

Congratulations to everyone on board making this dream comes to fruition. It is v1.0, and I think it is time for me to launch my project(s) with Discourse now. Job well done :slight_smile:

(Thomas Wilson) #4

Congratulations all!

(lid) #5

Is version 2.0 out yet?

(Michael - #6

Congrats to the whole team! You did a wonderful job and you’ve made a great product.

(Jeff Atwood) #7

Thanks! And I want to be crystal clear that every single Discourse install is a great thing for the web from my perspective, no matter where it is or who hosts it :wink:

(bruce oberg) #8

will the three initial partners ever be revealed?

(Jeff Atwood) #9

Sure, they were revealed previously on the blog and are listed under Our Customers on the buy page:


(@SenpaiMass) #10

Congratulations to the discourse team.

(Ben T) #11

Congratulations! In the words of my favorite Hubot script; it’s time to ship it!

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #12

:fireworks: Wohoooooo! :fireworks:

Being a small part of this has been a complete blast. You guys are really adept at running open source projects. I’ve learned so much from observing and sometimes participating in your transparent process.

There’s no doubt I’ve gotten a little bit addicted to Meta, which is a testament to the quality of your software and the level of discourse (yes I went there) it encourages.

Discourse is a big deal.

(Jeff Widman) #13

congrats guys! huge milestone

(Paul Apostolos) #14

Good work guys.

I’ve been singing the praises of Discourse for months now. I’ve grown so used to the interface that now when I visit other (non-Discourse) forums, it’s just painful.

Thanks for all the hard work and, personally, for the time you all spent helping me over the last several months.

(Jens Maier) #15

(Brian Purkiss) #16

Woohoo! Congrats! I love using Discourse and look forward to seeing it grow and mature.

(Barnabas) #17

Congrats another milestone :blush:

(Salman, Freelance Developer) #18


Have to admit you hit it out of the park again @codinghorror

You are probably going to go on a hiring spree soon? :slight_smile:


Congratulations to the Discourse team (and everyone else who helped out). Can’t wait to see where the next few years will take Discourse…

(Jong Eun Lee) #20