How is the “signup cta” sign up URL set?

We’re using SSO ( if it helps) and the “Sign up” button in that footer block takes ppl to the login page. if you want to see it in action.

Can I set that URL to some thing specific?

I believe you have to override the template in a theme to do this, there was some previous advice on how to do that here:


¿ Is this really how it’s supposed to work. ?

I mean, how does it know at all what to link that ‘Sign up’ button to?

…it seems hard to believe the Discourse would just, “let’s just link ‘sign-up’ to the same place as ‘sign-in’…” How is this not annoying/broken for everyone using SSO.

…also, I’m using the hosted Discourse so I don’t think I can change any of the templates mentioned in that topic. Or can I?

You can, we don’t restrict themes on our hosting and this is an edit that goes into the head section of a theme.

Feel free to email us directly or send a PM to the support group here on Meta if you need more help.


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