How my members see the site

I think it would be nice to add to the ‘Impersonate’ feature of the site.

I’m imagining a switch in the hamburger menu titled something like ‘Turn off Admin view’ that allows you to instantly see the site how a non-admin user sees it, without logging you out, and obviously without making that switch disappear.

Is this easily doable or would it be a lot of work?

Ah, but which groups is your non-admin view a member of?

You can already impersonate any user. From profile, click admin and then impersonate. You’ve got to log out to change back to yourself. For your purposes, you should probably just add another account and log into it in another browser or an incognito window.


This is what I do, ftr

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This is true, but it only works for developer accounts that match the email in the app.yml file.


I already know about the Impersonate feature, hence my opening sentence.

My suggestion was an addition to this functionality. Something like a quick switch that lets you see the differences in 2 seconds rather than having to navigate to user profiles, clicking ‘Impersonate’, and then logging back out and back in again.

Don’t get me wrong, Impersonate has it’s place to view the site with a much more granular level of permissions. However…

This could be a drop down list. But my initial thought was just to turn off all admin views. Things like hidden posts, the Staff category etc.


Oh. I didn’t know that.

A quick switch is sounding like a good idea.

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