Viewing the site as a lower trust level user

I am wondering if there was an option to view the site from e.g. a TL2 perspective without having to go and create a new account.

I am an admin on my site, so I get to see the forum with all the unlisted topics or topics in locked categories/ side bar with extra content etc

I am keen to see how it looks for other Users easily, especially where I am testing disabling or enabling a new feature.

Edit: ok it seems like there has been a couple of these questions cropping up already and the answer is to just create an account… RIP :smiling_face_with_tear:
“Visit as a new user” - support - Discourse Meta
View Forum as User X - feature - Discourse Meta

You can impersonate other users to see how the forum looks like for them.


Thank you! But damn that still sounds like a lot of extra work logging in and out :frowning:

I have a few test users for this kind of thing. :slight_smile: I generally have a couple of different browsers (Firefox and Chrome) to allow me to be logged in as both myself and a test user at the same time, as well as an incognito/private window for both so I can have some extras too if needed. :+1: This allows me to keep my admin screen up and running to adjust any user settings, etc without needing to log in and out.


That is not pollite way and forces that user logging in again.

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Yes it is. Well, that work load doesn’t exacly kill you, but it is a bit annoying. But you can anonymizate yoursef (if it is allowed) and change that person’s rights?

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Haha I’d say it partially kills me and my old clunky work surface pro lol I reckon a “view as” button would win a popular vote

But thank you @JammyDodger :blush: I thought I only had 2 browsers (work security), but the incognito tip gives double that!

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