How setup Sub of sub category

In Discourse, Can we create sub category of subcategory?
Category>Sub category>Sub sub category>Sub sub subcategory> tag1> topic 1
Thank you!

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I would use tags if I were you.

But, if you really want to, you can do it. Just remember that there will be no one to dry your tears.
Look here. Sub-sub-categories


That seems 1 level more than what’s possible. You cannot do “3x subs”.
Default = Cat+Sub cat.
By option (given by Richard) = Add “Sub sub”
3x subs = Now you’re asking for too much :rofl:


Not much, i need more upto 5 level

Type trade
Type Property

Tags are your friend

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Tag not strucTure stree,
Street not same level with district, city and country.
More, in a country have alot of street same name in other city

Not gonna happen, I recommend using a different software.

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Is it not possible to implement such a thing through a plugin?

Ok, then:
Category = Country
Sub cat = Province/city
Sub sub cat = District

Street = in the topic title, people can use the search function.

Or you have to couple 2 of of your category needs together. The 2 where there is less categories. You seem to already want to do this with Province/city. You could do:
Cat = Country/Province
Sub cat = City/District
Sub sub cat = Street

Type trade and type property = Tags

It seems doable if you adapt yourself a little. Or you need to dig in the plugin possibilities, or another forum software.

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I thought that, but user usually search type trade and type property before search location.
I wonder question that how move search menu tag before category Can we fix structure tag before category?

There is no “before” or “after”. They work in parallel (category and tags). It doesn’t matter if a user selects tags before or after entering some specific categories.

If they enter the categories they want, and only select the tags after, in the end, it will be the same. Categories won’t just be filtered by tags while they enter them, but it probably isn’t very important.

If you mean just the UX, the display of the boxes to select them, I guess that must be possible to switch pretty easily: Tags to the left of categories selection, and not to the right. Though a theme or CSS.