Group categories by County/geolocation

Hello! I would like to create another level of category for my community. As a user i want to create topics under a category that belongs to a county.

e.g. County -> Marketplace -> Topic.

How can i achive this? Thanks!

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In Discourse you can have nested categories only on two levels:
Category → subcategory.

You can’t have a subcategory inside a subcategory.

Maybe use tags?


Thanks for quick reply! Yes, seems like tags can do it! :slight_smile:


I always thought it was category / subcategory / topic. As far as I recollect, Discourse doesn’t go down farther into the tree. Correct me if I’m wrong, because if it does allow subcategories within subcategories, I could sure use them for a couple of subcategories that some of my users are making “noisy.”

I meant can’t, sorry for the typo.

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