How share link topic in the secret category?

How share link topic in the security category?
I want to share topics in the categroy private group by encrypted path, only person have the link can be view all content, No need to create an account and joint to secret group.
Can be?
Thank you!

I don’t think this is possible, at least not with the vanilla Discourse.

You could try #marketplace for this request

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Topics, shared from private category will not available without login.

But I have two idea to achieve it:

1. Use public category and unlist the topic?
Users only can see the topic if they have the link. Works without login if the topic is in a public category.

2. Use page publishing to achieve it?
You can publish the topic even if it is in a private category. So users can see it without login.

For this… first enable page publishing site setting.

After this you can publish the page with Page Publishing

If your topic in a private category than you have to check the Public checkbox.
You can use any Slug you want. If you ready click Publish and the topic will also appears without login on the following url.

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Just an FYI, but creating an Unlisted topic will send out a notification to anyone Watching/Watching First post for that category so can be noisier than some people presume.

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