How to add breadcrumb?

I’ve searched on this topic but can’t find any working solution.
How do I add a simple basic breadcrumb showing categories, sub categories.

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I want to add it just below Top Navigation.


Isn’t that a kind of breadcrumb? What are you asking, more specifically? Do you have a mockup maybe?


This is probably what @asugar had in mind.


Hi @asugar. :wave:

Would you mind elaborating a bit on what you mean? We call the categories and tags navigational aid “breadcrumbs”; @Canapin highlights them in their screenshot.

Normally I’d mention showing a screenshot and marking when you’d like them, and then we would work back from there, but I have another observation, first:

I think that if you were to add that to each page, it would essentially show multiple identical navigation menus, and in close proximity to each other.

As an alternative, is there something we could do with the existing breadcrumb navigation to make it work for your site? :slight_smile:

Also worth clarifying the meaning of “breadcrumbs”. I’ve been in numerous conversations where two parties meant different things:

  • Hierarchical breadcrumbs as reflection of site structure (categories/sub-categories/tags, or books/title/chapter)
  • Tracking breadcrumbs as history of visited pages (my favorite example is dokuwiki [DokuWiki], click a few random links and check the header)

Screenshot 2022-04-03 at 16-52-31 breadcrumbs DokuWiki

@asugar, which type of breadcrumbs are you referring? :slight_smile:


I should not guess what @asugar hopes to get, but perhaps similar than all other webpages — and WordPress mostly uses: navigational breadcrump builded using categories.

But Discourse has only two level deep construction so it can be only home - category - subcategory (sure, there could be page number too, but that is useless and I reckon almost impossible to build).

So, a breadcrumb doesn’t give anything else but eating space.

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Hello All. @Jagster is right in nailing it down. I wanted links to categories and sub categories. Like
Home - Category - Sub category - Sub sub category - …

I can see the existing navigation in discourse but it is not click and go to category/sub categories. On click it shows drop down.

Is it really impossible to add simple navigation as I want?

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It is possible, what everyone was trying to say is that there may be an alternative solution different from what you are asking, and they were wondering if you’d be interested in that. That said, it is possible but not out of the box. You’d have to design or create something custom for it. Examples, where something similar has been created, are:

Custom top navigation links - theme - Discourse Meta and Custom Header Links - theme - Discourse Meta

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That’s navigation/menu and I already have that. Breadcrumb is not navigation/menu. I want breadcrumb.

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I understand, that is why I used the word “similar”, they are similar in the sense that implementation or development is similar, not exactly the same or alike or even close to each other, but similar or should I say comparable.

I shared that or mentioned they were similar because I felt it could be helpful to see that something similar technically is possible in Discourse.

Seeing as it has been established that this is currently not possible in Discourse without something custom, you may need to create a #marketplace topic for it.


That is a typical breadcrumb found on any forum software, above is from vBulletin. This is what I was talking about.

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The menu effectively is a breadcrumb (as in it shows category and subcategory, on category and subcategory pages) so I reckon you could change it from using dropdown menus to using plain old hyperlinks to the current category or subcategory. I bet anyone who knows how to write a plugin could do that.

The top of topic pages, when you scroll down, already show the category and subcategory (and tags) so maybe you’re happy with that already. I imagine a plugin author could move them to a different part of the screen for you.

If you pay for this and let it be freely available I might use it… :slight_smile:


I wish there was already a plugin out there, does anyone know it?

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