How to add colspan and rowspan tag in whitelist for html table?

Hi all:

in my site, some important posts will use table, and need use colspan and rowspan , but i find these tags can’t be set, so it will be ignore.

<table border="1">
  <th colspan="2">number</th>
  <td>555 77 854</td>
  <td>555 77 855</td>

just show like this: ( colspan=“2” will be ignore)

555 77 854 555 77 855

now how i can add these support?

Table support is not currently built in with markdown. There are some changes to be made to be made to markdown in a future release nut no guarantee when.

Check this topic


thanks !:slight_smile:

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I noticed this is still and issue but the topic linked above does not exist any more. This would be nice to have still IMO