How to add "feedback" floating button like this site

This site has floating feedback buttion. How do i add it?

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Pretty sure that is a third-party service used on the site, exactly like HubSpot chat integration to create a chat button on the site.

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Yes, it’s Hotjar. Incoming Feedback by Hotjar



I got it. But they gave a code to paste. Where do I paste it ?

Thanks for the help

If you read HubSpot chat integration you will find the answer. Where you found the Hotjar code, you will also find indications of where (which tab) you need to add the code exactly.

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It says:
Paste the Hotjar code into the <head> of every page you wish to track visitors and collect feedback. And then verify your installation.

I pasted in head section after going to edit css/html option in settings. It is not working

I created new component. I named it “feedback”. Pasted the code in common/head section.Add the component to my current theme. did a refresh. cannot see it

Did you add the various URLs in the content security policy script src whitelist? If not open the browser console with F12 and take a look to the console panel to find all the URLs blocked (you should reload the page more times to be sure to add all the URLs).

If the CSP is already ok, did you refresh the page with ctrl + F5?


It worked. Thanks a ton

Thanks for the info. I tried it

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