HubSpot chat integration

Do you want to integrate a CSM on Discourse? Let’s see how to integrate the HubSpot chat on Discourse!

  1. create an account to HubSpot

  2. select Chat

  3. customize the interface and the availability as you wish

  4. Copy the code

  5. Create a new theme component and paste it in the Common - </body> tab. Add the new component to your main theme(s)

  6. Complete the Verification on Hubspot to activate the widget and go to your website

  7. On your website, open your browser Console with F12 and add the script URLs in the content security policy script src whitelist at /admin/site_settings/category/all_results?filter=content_security_policy_script_src

  8. Refresh the page (a couple of times) with F5 and you will see other URLs that you need to add in the whitelist


  9. Done :tada: