How to add query parameters to Data Explorer?

I recently suggested it would be great to allow query parameters in reports. That way, I could share a Data Explorer URL with a default parameter already filled in. Something like this:

Would anyone be interested in implementing this feature?

If not, does anyone have any pointers that could help me implement it myself?

That feature exists. There should be some examples of your search.

Thanks for replying, Jay.

@sam added #pr-welcome tag, so I thought it didn’t exist.

What’s the syntax? I’ve tried /reports/100?username=myName and it doesn’t populate the username text field with myName.

Sorry, I’m conflating reports with the data explorer plugin. You can do that with the data explorer.

I’ve tried /admin/plugins/explorer?id=100&username=myName and that doesn’t fill the textbox either.

Am I missing something?

Oh. Sorry. Now I see. That’s the part that I missed. You know how to write the query and use the parameters, but want to change the defaults with a url. And that’s why it’s pr welcome.

Sorry about that.

No problem. I should have probably explained it better. :grin:

How difficult do you think it would be to implement?

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No. I didn’t read. You were clear.

I do not know how to do it. But since your asked, My wild guess is that it’s 2 to 4 hours work with proper specs.