Populate Data Explorer params with URL params

It would be great if I could share a Data Explorer query with a group and have the query params be pre-filled with the URL params.

For example, if I have this param -- string :username, I should be able to share it with group “my-group” with username “myName”.

Something like this:



Sure … putting a #pr-welcome on this, seems like a nice quality of life change!


Bumping the topic with one more suggestion:

  • having a &run parameter that will fire report upon page load, to save user a click
  • having set of parameters that would carry user context (this way you could auto-insert the username of the current user, for example)

We would like this feature because it would allow us to easily automate internal notifications for topics for each interested user :slight_smile:


It’s just important to note that if a run parameter is added, it should not be used if the same-site cookie is set to None (or Disabled and the browser defines None as the default).

If the same-site is none, you could enter some other site and they could make a http GET request, in the same way that CSRF is exploited, although this would not be a CSRF vulnerability per se, but they could execute some really expensive instructions in the data explorer.

The same-site cookie policy is relatively new, but the major browsers already support it for some time, Chrome defaults to Lax, and Discourse too (if I’m not wrong), so it should not be a problem in most cases.