How to add verified mark to team profiles?

(Dexter MacCulin) #1


how i can add a mark to team profiles like vitrification mark? as you can see in Jeff`s profile how there is a discourse mark with profile picture.


(cpradio) #2

They are called Flair and can be configured on Groups in the Admin area.

(Dexter MacCulin) #3

Nice i will try them now and see if this will work.


Some of this can be done automagically as well… like via the Patreon Plugin that can add it once it’s configured.

I love this, by the way… and it’s working fairly well on our implementation. You can see our growing list of patrons as a group here and then you can see the flair is added to the user:

50 AM

And here’s what it looks like via the Groups Setting:

25 AM

(Dexter MacCulin) #5

Hello yes, i made it.

Thanks @8BIT @cpradio for helping in this matter.