How to Admin or the person who create the topic can only post

How to Admin or the person who create the topic can only post??

I’m sorry but I can’t understand what you are asking for. Can you try to improve your question please?


For example, I create a topic. Only I want to reply myself or admin. Another user can’t reply my topic.

Generally speaking please have a look at howto - Discourse Meta

I think you should be able to fix your issue with:


@joffreyjaffeux This is all posts in category. What I’m saying is different.
I’m the answer to the topic I’ve created. No one can answer.

Can’t do that.

Why are you trying something like that? :thinking:

If you want no one to answer. You can just close it and only staff will be able to answer.


The closest thing to Topic level permissions is PMs.

Send a message to an Admin and no non-staff members other than yourself will have permission to see it and post in it.


crazy customer requests

If I close the topic, I am not able to answer, too

Tell to your customer that he does not need discourse for that.
Just open a blog for him. :lol:

Discourse is a forum where EVERY user may post his topic.

About this:

@Mittineague answered that because you posted in title and mention the “admin” word.
So, if your customer is admin, he can post on the closed topic. :+1:


Journals and diary style entries that are culturally supposed to be kept free of other input that dilutes the topic. There was an option I think on some older forums to “filter everyone but OP out” which let people choose how they wanted to view the content.

We have a few topics of ongoing recovery, dealing with alcoholism etc that fall into this area.

I get it.

It would serve, for example, for these cases, where a person opens a topic, introduces himself … says what he does.

Then, he passes the time, returns to the subject, and creates an answer by updating his presentation, saying that he changed his job, and now he does other things.

Basically, the whole debate would remain as a timeline, with activities.

Pretty much, fitness/weight loss progress is a good example as well, yoga, calisthenic progress etc. There’s definitely a market for “Timelines not on facebook” imo. I can see how it’s not specifically in keeping with the day-to-day discoursing (as there wouldn’t be any), it would be ideal as a public facing PM topic on the user profile. Think Reddit has done a similar thing, has personal blog posts on profile in one of their updates.

I understand now. Please @joffreyjaffeux, can you check again this feature? With this explanation it’s more clear the point.


Ps, well @gul_yurdakul open new topic about this: Answer own Topic (please Gul, don’t do this again) :pray:

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