How to automate messages

Hi all,

I would like to send a short welcome message to all new users who logg in to our forum for the 1st time. For now I do it manually but I’d love to automate it. We turned off discobot because our users found it confusing.

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In admin you can customize your email templates.

I don’t mean email but the message inside the forum.

There is an option to have a standard single message (no interactive replies) from discobot, that is what it is for. It basically disables responses on that pm, and is identical to how older versions of Discourse behaved.

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Hi @codinghorror is it possible to send these messages but not from a discobot but from me?

Read more in this topic:

At first I wanted the same thing as you, that is, to welcome my users with the administrator user.

But after using a DiscoBot some time, I realized that it’s better. Because in my case, I present the bot as a “robot” that teaches users to use the forum, and I explain to them how they should do in case they want support from a real person.



I have an issue where I have to disable discobot.
however, I would still like to have the automated welcome message. Is there a solution to this?

Thank you.

Selecting the “Send all new users a welcome message with a quick start guide” option for the discourse narrative bot welcome post type site setting might accomplish what you are looking for. The message will be sent from the discobot, but you can customize its text.

You will need to be sure to not select the disable discourse narrative bot welcome post setting.

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@Td228admin you should also enable discobot.


Just as a little update on this one - you can now use the Automation plugin to do it. :partying_face: Something like this would work, though you can also trigger it on a trust level change from TL0->TL1 if that better suited what you had in mind: