How to avoid throttling limits with admin API key?

I am getting the, “429 Too Many Requests” message for API requests to my self-hosted instance even with

    • I set this in the env section of app.yml and then ran ./launcher rebuild and confirmed the variable was set in the rebuilt container.
    • this is well over the number of requests per minute I am attempting
  • an unrestricted admin API key

It seems this has been discussed before without a clear answer as to why changing DISCOURSE_MAX_ADMIN_API_REQS_PER_MINUTE doesn’t seem to work:

How can I ensure that API requests with an admin key/user are not subject to throttling?

Hi @aas,

Could you give some context?

  • How many API requests are you making? Per second, minute, hour, per day
  • Are you sure you are using an Admin API key?
  • Are all of these coming from the same IP address? Perhaps due to a reverse proxy?

Could it be nginx or another piece of software hitting you with that error?