How to Change the IP Address

Hello Team Discourse,

I have changed my forum IP from old to the new IP from my EC instance, Now I want to update that IP in my website where can I do that.

Thank You
Shailaja Ramchander

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It’s set in DNS, update the DNS record for your community.


Thank Stephen,

I have done that. General how much time it will take to get it activate the forum with the new IP address

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That’s down to the TTL of your DNS provider. The TTL is the “Time-to-live” which is the amount of time between a DNS update and it replicating out.

Some DNS providers have very low TTL of seconds or minutes. In those cases you can expect everything to be working quite quickly.

Others have a TTL of hours, seeing those changes replicate can take the best part of a day.

When you say ‘EC’ instance is this instance installed at Amazon?


Thank you,

Yes installed at amazon

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Ok, which IP are you using? The server IP? How are you publishing it? Why did it change?

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