How to change watched word email notification times

Hi guys,

I am an admin on a small sized software research forum, and we have some watched words on a sensitive subject that we want to manage the discussion of on our forum.

The problem is it takes 48 hours for a push notification to come through to my email when this infrequently occurs (and it doesn’t happen frequently enough to warrant me logging in every day to check).

I was wondering if there was a setting that could be tweaked so that i got this push notification email within a couple of hours of the post being made? I have tried searching admin settings but can’t locate it unfortunately.

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You can change the notify about flags after admin setting: :+1:

There’s a recent topic on something similar that you might find useful too, depending on what other moderator notifications you want to recieve as email:


Hi thank you so much for the rapid response! Will try it now.

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