Notify about flags after Bug?

I have tried setting this Flag to 1 but there is never any email sent to the contact email.

Please advise how to get this working.


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I don’t understand.

  • What do you want to do?
  • What did you do?

I’m guessing @joco is talking about this setting

Correct. I updated that setting to be one hour. I did this at the recommendation for the Force Moderation plugin.

The post is here:

Basically I have users that are being forced to moderation but I am not getting any emails that posts need to be moderated.


Instead of sending an email to the contact email address, we changed it so it sends a private message to all admin and staff.

The setting’s description is out of sync with this new behaviour.

If you want to get emailed about every staff message like that, you should change your notification level from “Tracking” to “Watching”.

But a problem with this whole thing is that the check is only happening once a day, even if you set the setting to 1. It should be improved to check hourly and only create a new notice if there are new flags.


Ok so how do we get this to work as advertised?

Also I don’t seem to be getting PM’s on these Needs Approvals? Its just showing under the Admin section.

Lastly where do I set the WATCHING? In the INBOX? I don’t seem to have that STAFF inbox.

Sure can you add that to your list @neil for next week we should improve this and fix the copy too.

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I made changes to how this setting (notify about flag after) works today.

  • Flags are checked hourly instead of daily
  • As before, a private message is sent to staff, but will only be sent if there are new flags since the last time a message was sent.
  • The message will @ mention three moderators, choosing the most recently active moderators. They will get an email as usual (according to their user preferences).

So on a fresh Discourse install with default settings, moderators should get a notification email if there are flags that haven’t been handled for 48 hours or more.


Clever! We have seen this strategy be useful for chasing down billing as well!


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