Email to moderators immediately once post is flagged

Hi there, we’ve just launched our Discourse instance to a private user group. We set up a number of Watched Words set to flag the post to a moderator - we see a notification instantly in our discourse inboxes, but we need an email alert to be sent immediately as well.

Found a few threads about setting “notify about flags after” to the minimum 1 hour and adding the topic as Watched to get the email notifications immediately, but received nothing - even after 1 hour of waiting. User’s notification settings were set to “always” for everything.

Anyone have a simple, clear configuration to enable this?


do your moderator’s have their email notification setup in their own user settings?

our mods get email delivered immediately when a flag occurs but only if they have their own email notification setup. i know it works because i get an email as well even when i’m online and can see the flag appear in my review queue.

i was just messing around with our settings and if you have your configuration as you say you do it should be sending email notifications if the mod as it set to in their preferences. i have our moderator inbox set to watching as he default. i even have our minimum hours notify flags after set to 48. :thinking:

ok now i’ve managed to reproduce your issue with the flagged words. it is email notifiying properly of flagged posts but not words added to the watched words flagged list.

I think Watching the @moderator inbox would only send you email notifications of the PM versions of flags (eg ‘something else’, or the notify about reviewable item after messages). I don’t believe you get an email notification for non-PM type flags?

I think if you want them immediately you may be able to set up a ‘Reviewable event’ webhook that you can link to something? (though I’m afraid I don’t have any experience with that myself)


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