How to check for new users (The newest ones?)

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Hey! So each week on the Hopscotch Forum, we use to tag the new people in a welcome topic. Each week, that is, until now. I think @Liza_Conrad (one of the customers of your amazing forum setup) stopped doing it, or forgot. I would like to know, is there any shortcut or any way to figure out, who joined recently in a list? I try doing but it doesn’t work.

[details=Tagging all hopscotch people]
@Nick_S @MobCraft, @BuildASnowman, @PopTart0219, @Huggingfluffybear, @SilverTinsel [/details]
Thanks! :wink:

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Only moderators (or possibly admins) can see that page, it is admin, users, new.

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Ok… Thanks for the information! :wink: That was a fast reply

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