New Member Onboarding Questions

How can I get a daily list of new members in our community?

Our community currently has an automated welcome email for new members. While this works well enough to ensure every new member receives our basic welcome, I want to personalize the experience where possible. That will begin with identifying new members as they enter the community and sending them a personalized response with invitations to join our roundtable, chat one-on-one, etc…

The page at /admin/users/list/new (accessible via Admin > Users > New), list all new members and can show their emails with a single click.


Thank you, @Falco ! Is there a link to the automatic welcome email that goes out when someone registers in the community? And is there a plug-in (or something) that will enable me to list today’s new members in the community itself, so others can welcome them?

When they make their first post their message will be marked as such.

What most people do is have new users post in some new user category or topic so that they can get welcomed that way.

I’m not aware of any way to publicize new members. I think most communities would find that creepy to join a site and then start getting unsolicited messages from people.