How to Copy and Share Image Links within a Discourse Forum?

How do you get links within a forum from images already shared in the forum - to show up in a thread as the full image and not just the link.

I’ve read this thread - and I understand that “https” links to images should just show the images that the link goes to Images posted via HTTP URL are not being displayed until downloaded to local

But, if I do this with an image already on my site, in my forums, (i.e. if people just copy the link from an image already uploaded on the forums), it just shows the link (and yes, its an https link).

How do I get it to show the image immediately and not force people to click on the link?


Is the url on a line by itself?

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Yes - down the page after page breaks from text.

What is strange is it works fine when I copy the image address from the site and paste it here (see below) but it doesn’t work on my own site. Why would that be?


Any thoughts on the problem?

I just tested it on my forum and it works just fine. It’s using S3, though. I tested on another forum and it also worked, but it’s using a CDN, so those both have a different URL than the site does. I’d still expect it to work, though/

Any plugins?

Make sure the link is on a separate line.



(latter was typed on same line)