S3 links with .gif extension do not display


The above link does not work on the Discourse platform. I’ve looked around the settings to see if it has something to do with S3 being blacklisted or blocked and haven’t found anything. This doesn’t happen with just the above link, but all links that contain s3. I have confirmed this link works on other platforms that are not related to Discourse, but on three separate Discourse platforms (this one included) the link doesn’t work.

If this is a setting change and something I can do on my own, I would be happy to take care of it. But I did some digging and didn’t see anything that would enable me to whitelist S3 links or anything like that.

Appreciate your time!

What the deuce! It works now… In the draft it was broken :thinking:

Oh, I see, the link changed. Anyway I can do that on my own setup? :wink:

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Regarding the behavior you’re observing is Discourse downloading a local copy of the images. The site setting you’re looking for is download remote images to local.

Searching download in admin settings will populate some more related settings as well.

As for the original issue, it looks like it is due to the fact that insecure http requests are blocked. Once the image is downloaded and served over the same (https) domain, it works.


Got it, thank you! Appreciate the heads up on this. I will look at getting that changed.

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