How to create menu links for everyone to access?

Example, this link below, the person who uses it, will have to change my use of the link to put hers to work!

But how do you get that same link for everyone to click on without having to change the user?

I want to have links like this to make a menu

Hi @xebiyen,

Please try this:

It will redirect to the user’s own activity page. :slightly_smiling_face:


If not mistaken you can also shorten from



My Activity


I didn’t know that @Heliosurge…!

What would be the fastest way to actually write a working /my/activity link?

If you simply write:


It won’t transform it into a link.

If you use the link icon or Ctrl+k and enter /my/activity in the URL input, it will transform it into https:///my/activity

So, you actually have to create a link using markdown formatting, and then remove the https:// part? Or is there a more straightforward way?

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Here is the code used above

[My Activity](/my/activity)

I have used the

in Theme-components like drop down menu links.

Using the short link is also quite useful when setting up your layout.

ie help topics with links to sources on your forum. My client has changed his domain name a couple of times. With shortening the link to not have the have the website link prevents breakage of internal links. So in theme-components that add links to menus or new menu bars do not need to be fixed with a domain change. And posts created by staff or users whom are aware of this technique will not have to have posts rebake or manually repaired.

iirc found this technique out in one of the components maybe @Johani dropdown?

Now combine this with the newer Shorten Share link and will really allow savings on your discourse forum!


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