How to customize the automatic RSS feed templates?

I like the fact that every topic, tag… automatically gets a rss feed:

latest posts

a json version, too

And I wanted to send a rss-driven campaign with Mailchimp.

But there are several problems about presentation but also missing RSS fields (no image field) I would like to add. How to access the RSS templates and customize them? Why it is not in the customize section of admin dashboard?

I was also thinking of using the JSON api to use another tool / or service to generate the RSS feed.
But I’m not sure which one to choose.



I have the exact same question. Only thing is that I wanna do it for podcasts.

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Hi, I also have a very similar issue.

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RSS template is sadly not customizable at all. I recommend making PRs to Discourse for any missing features so we can evaluate if they make sense in the core product.