[PAID] Customization of RSS latest topics feed in a WordPress theme?

NEED: A project I’m loosely associated with is looking for some help getting a nicely formatted “Latest Topics” RSS feed integrated into their site’s custom-developed WordPress theme. I would imagine this would require both CSS & light PHP knowledge, as well as familiarity with some existing RSS plugins.

If anyone is interested in exploring this mini-project, please let me know and I’ll connect you with them. Thanks!

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Hi there! I was just curious if anyone had known examples of using the RSS feed of topics in a WordPress site. (Ostensibly using an RSS Plugin.) Any links would be appreciated!

It depends what they mean by ‘nicely formatted.’ I’ve just looked at a couple of RSS plugins and neither of them are returning the markup that would be required to make anything really nice. It’s possible that there are other plugins that would work.

If they can’t find a way of getting this to work with the RSS feed, I have a wp-discourse-latest plugin that does a good job of it. The only problem is that it depends on the WP Discourse plugin. It would take half a day or so to get it to work without that dependency.

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I believe they are intending to use that WP plugin for comments, so it might be workable. Perhaps a DM to discuss further?

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