How to detect Discourse user on Ghost Blog?


I’m looking for ideas to authenticate a Discourse user on a Ghost blog. The best would be to link the accounts, but the main thing is that I can detect a Discourse user on another site, in order to display some content.

I only found documentation for posting Discourse comments, but not for authentication.

Do you have any ideas?
Thank you!

Yes. And this feature has to be VERY CAREFULLY implemented for some evident security reason.

Basically, what you are asking is to make every Discourse site a potential OAuth2 provider. That means that you need an agreement with every Discourse instance owner you want to use as id source, with authentication keys and everything else.

You have to understand that the user database is a very, very, VERY sensitive matter. If my site is used by a political party, for instance, we are not interested that someone scans our user database and collect highly confidential information (who supports us politically).

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I did… but turns out Sam already enumerated them for me!



Thank you for your answers !
@YCrepeau you are absolutely right.

The basic problem is that ghost has not yet implemented a special authentication system, and that I have my community on Dicourse.

I may choose to place the reserved content on the forum, rather than the blog, and use the groups.

If I want to offer special content on the site, and identify the members of the forum that uses it, or simply avoid them registering on 2 different systems : I could find out about the discourse sso. But allowing a member of the forum to write an article on the blog will always be impossible (waiting for Ghost sso is maybe my solution ?)

Its on the roadmap :