Platform puzzle pieces for sustainable community

I’m thinking about how to integrate multiple systems while building community and sustainable income. I found a few limitations with Discourse for what I’m doing, but it’s still a wicked set of features and I’m planning to keep it central as I add other tools to the toolkit. Would be curious to hear if anyone has experience integrating Discourse and Ghost.


Love your project and the ideas you’re trying to bring together!

Have you seen this topic: Discourse + Ghost integration and SEO - support - Discourse Meta?

Thanks for reading :pray:t4:.

Yes, I have done this kind of integration (as a commenting layer) already. Was wondering more about ‘logging into discourse with Ghost membership’ or ‘enabling Ghost membership for accounts in Discourse’ kind of thing. But I imagine the ultimate solution will have to be gluing things together via an automation platform.


Ah, I see! That would require some technical expertise, let me tag in @leonardo or @david to help here.



So what you need is Single Sign On from Ghost into Discourse, right?
It doesn’t look like Ghost supports being an ID Provider. If it did, you could seamlessly integrate your Ghost user accounts with Discourse accounts.

The next best option would be for Ghost to support OAuth2 login (ie. be a resource provider, in SSO parlance), so that accounts could live on a separate ID provider service to which both Ghost and Discourse would integrate via OAuth2.

But Ghost does not support OAuth2 yet, though there’s hints of plans to support OAuth2 authentication here:

The last post in that topic links to the only open source SSO solution for Ghost I could find on Google, but in turn, it says:

NOTE: development in progress. Do not use it!

note: there is this AuthDigital service which claims to integrate to Ghost (not sure how), and it also supports Discourse SSO, so in theory this could be that separate ID provider for both your Ghost and Discourse sites:
That said, we have no experience with them so we can’t vouch for them; also, no mention of them on Meta. Up to you.


@leonardo Thanks for writing this up :pray:t4::heart:. Maybe I’ll end scraping something together. Curious to see if I could use an automation system to make this work. Will post updates here.


Checked them out, and they offer a plug in that is slightly above $10K to use. For some, this would work, but my budget unfortunately doesn’t let us try that.

Currently attempting an integration right now on our own, and if I solve it within the next three weeks, I’ll try post the results and how I got it to work.