How to disable SSL

I wanted to setup SSL on an existing Discourse but made a mistake and now whenever I try to access the forum I get in the co,sole

The Cross-Origin-Opener-Policy header has been ignored, because the URL’s origin was untrustworthy. It was defined either in the final response or a redirect. Please deliver the response using the HTTPS protocol. You can also use the ‘localhost’ origin instead. See Secure Contexts and HTML Standard.

Failed to load resource: net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET

Any idea what I can do to disable SSL and have access to the admin interface?

Can you elaborate on the mistake you made? Is it a standard installation?
By default, HTTPS is enabled; you usually have nothing to do, so I’m wondering what you did.


Are you using “Let’s Encrypt” in Discourse app yml or a different encrypt ie one provided by your registrar or a 3rdparty cert?

Its a standard installation thougha few years old and upgraded regularly. I realized that my browser showed and icon “Connection is not secure” in the address bar and went to look for SSL in the admin console. I forgot which option I checked - I thought I could go back anyway - but I selected “enforce SSL” or something like that.
Is there anyway to disable it? Or check the configuration?

Here are the errors from the browser

And my app.yml
app.yml (3.8 KB)

And Nginx discourse.conf
discourse.conf.txt (10.0 KB)

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Is there a possibility to just reinstall Discourse over the existing installation? And keep the existing database and hopefully theme?