How to: discourse-sitemap is deprecated and merged into Discourse's core. Please remove it from your app.yml file.?

Hello everyone,
is there any manual on how to remove discourse-sitemap? Thanks, or if someone can help me I would be very grateful.

I get this message in the control panel

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Hiya! :wave:

That is installed as a plugin. If you see the guide for installing plugins at Install Plugins in Discourse, the way to remove the plugin will be to edit your app.yml and remove the line with the discourse-sitemap plugin. :slight_smile:


You have to log into your server and edit the file, which is located by default in /var/discourse/containers/app.yml
Any text editor will do.
Near the end of the file contents, you should see this line:

          - git clone

Delete this line, and rebuild from the command line (./launcher rebuild app), or update your forum through the interface.

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It’s okay! It’s best to have multiple approaches to a solution, and this way I don’t have to type them all out!

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Both advices use

cd /var/discourse
./launcher rebuild app

However, this runs for a few minutes, then fails with
docker: Error response from daemon: driver failed programming external connectivity on endpoint app (a472c81b9b5....): Bind for failed: port is already allocated.

I don’t see any effect on my forum site. What am I missing? For updates that need a the docker containers to be updates, I found that instead of launcher rebuild app I have to run

cd /var/discourse/
./launcher stop web_only && ./launcher rebuild data && ./launcher rebuild web_only

But this does not resolve the deprecated discourse-sitemap.

Welcome Kjell!

Sorry for moving the post back and forth, I misread your problem.

You should remove the line from web_only.yml in that case, not from app.yml.

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