How to display temporary banner on mobile when notification received and logged in?

Hi there, I’m wondering if there is a way to display a notification banner at the top of the site that temporarily appears when the user receives a notification and they are on the site (specifically on mobile), since browser notifications do essentially the same thing on desktop.

Can anyone steer me in the right direction? Thanks.

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I get a “new updates” message that will reload the view to show them, as well as browser notifications, via mobile browser.

So… what is it you want? :slight_smile:

Hmmm. Maybe I’m missing a setting somewhere because I’m not getting notification alerts when I’m browsing the site on mobile. I do get the little dot appearing by the profile pic indicating there’s a notification I guess I was looking for a notification while I have the site open in a tab but not the active tab, as it does on desktop. :confused:

We don’t have those “in-app popup notifications” like Facebook does.

We do support native web push notifications on every platform except iOS, which are a super-set of the in app notifications IMO.

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I’m on iOS, and wondered why I never get any notifications… though it was a setting in Safari iOS or Chrome iOS or even on the Discourse settings I had missed.

So aside from checking email or the site directly there is no way to get notifications on iOS?

Thanks for the info! :smile:

Apple decided to not implement the Web Push API in their browser. Since iOS has only one browser, iOS users don’t have access to Web Push notifications, that is available in Windows, MacOS, Linux and Android.

Existing workarounds are:


Awesome info, thanks for that.

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