How to easily encourage users to notify about wrong category?

I’d like to encourage users indicate if the topic was classified in a wrong category. And I`d like to do it in a way that could be easily processed by staff members.
I thought the flag button could be a way that people indicate the topic is not in the right place, but there’s not a option for that.
Is there another way I am not aware of? Or there is a way we can add another option beyond the “other” option?

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Not really an answer, but TL3 users can do it for you. That’s working here.

But they can flag it as “something else” and you could customize that like “something else (like wrong category)” to make people think it was ok.


To add on you can use the off topic flag. It says:
This post is not relevant to the current discussion as defined by the title and first post, and should probably be moved elsewhere. And the last part is saying it should be moved.

Thank you, @pfaffman and @How_To_Roblox

This is a good idea to try, I may promote this use and see how it goes.

Yes, you are right, but we could see in the moderation queue separated from posts that should be a new topic.

Also, I’m not sure the impact this flags may have for the user flagged. It is more a matter of organazing the correction of categories. For our forum, this would be a minor issue against the user, so we wouldn’t like this affect users trust level or something like this.

It would not affect TL only spam and offensive flags for TL3. And you can instruct the mod to ignore the flag (So it does not hurt the flager or person receiving the flag I think) then move it not in the review queue.

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