How to edit message shown after signup?

Where can I edit the message shown to users after signup? The one beginning “You’re almost done! We sent an activation mail to …“.

I couldn’t find it in the admin section. Do I need to edit a source file?

You can edit that message in the Admin/Customize/Text Content section. The template is called login.activate_email. You can find the template either by entering login.activate_email in the search box on the Text Content page, or by entering the text “You’re almost done! We sent an activation mail to” into the search box.


That is where I expected to find the text, but it’s not there. There are only four texts. Here’s a screenshot. These are all the texts under Admin/Customize/Text Content:

(This is a new installation from 3 days ago on DO)

There should be a search box above the 4 featured text options, search whatever @Simon_Cossar stated


Thanks, it showed up in the search. Why is that text content not listed and only appear when you search?

Discourse recommends those 4 featured text options because, it involves changing text regarding your site name, new user welcome texts, descriptions on why your community is private as well as first reply/topic descriptions for new users. I believe those 4 text options are there because they are the most important regarding your community, since most admins refer to those anyways, whereas others may stay on their default text.