How to change the account confirm email content

(sijo) #1

Can you please tell how can I change the welcome email text sent to a user upon first signup that starts like
"Welcome to Discourse!Click the following link to confirm and activate your new account:…"


(Jeff Atwood) #2

Not all email text can be customized yet. See Admin, Customize, Text for what can.

(Mittineague) #3

Do you mean easily customized via the ACP?

Could not the server.en.yml file be over-ridden by a plugin? (even if recommended to not)

      subject_template: "[%{site_name}] Activate your new account"
      text_body_template: |
        Welcome to %{site_name}!

        Click the following link to confirm and activate your new account:

        If the above link is not clickable, try copying and pasting it into the address bar of your web browser.

Beware the indentation! the above as displayed is not correct.

I think it should work for simple text changes. Though probably not if the intent is to “spruce up” the email with images etc. That would risk sending NO emails or worse

(sijo) #4

I did not understand this. Where is server.en.yml file. And which plugin is to be used. Can you please tell in details?


(Mittineague) #5

Sorry, but if you don’t understand then you most definitely should not attempt it.

It’s tricky enough business even with understanding and doing it wrong can have dire consequences

The “worse” being crash your site

Best to have patience and wait until editing it gets worked into the ACP Customize interface.

(Scott Trager) #6

Being able to customize the emails actually is very important - I’m surprised this wasn’t prioritized over a lot of the stuff that’s been added in recent updates.

(Jared Needell) #7

Any updates on this?

(Liza Conrad) #8

Would also love to be able to customize message to sent to flagged users. Anyone know how?

(Melissa) #9

I’d also like to second that it is important to be able to edit the confirmation email. This is the first email that is sent by the forum. It’s important to personalize. Thanks!

(Allen - Watchman Monitoring) #10

Also slated to be done:

(Allen - Watchman Monitoring) #11

It’s been :ship:'d

(Robin Ward) #12

Also, now any text in Discourse can be updated via the admin interface.

(Robin Ward) #13