How to edit text content faster?

I have a hosted Discourse instance in another language and there are a LOT of translations that need tweaking.

I’m currently doing it by going to Admin | Customize | Text Content and searching for specific instances of text. The problem is that if I search for Bookmark, a bunch of entries show up and there is no way to find and replace specific words.

The only option is to edit one, hit save, go back to the search, wait until the results load again and do another edit. It’s no fun doing this 50 times for the same replacement.

It would be great if I could enter a potential query-replacement pair and either accept or modify the replacement. Also being able to search in a case-sensitive way would be super useful.

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If you are tweaking translations that can be used by other Discourses in your locale, your best option is to do that on so that everyone can benefits from your tweaks :wink:


Thanks for the link, I had no idea it was done through there :+1:

Still, the process of tweaking is painfully slow :sweat_smile:

A translation mode could be insteresting. In this mode admins would choose a text area and translate it right there.